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Friday, 30 March 2007

All Change!

It has been a busy year so far for both this blog; I finally got round to starting it, and also the Tarantula's Burrow site which has been getting a lot of much needed attention from me since January. I'm also planning on completely re-working the existing galleries. So if you want to help, by sending me pictures you own the copyright for; of Arachnids [Tarantulas or other spiders and Scorpions] Giant African Land Snails or Snakes they will be most welcome and you will be listed as the owner of them.

Likewise, is you have any care-sheets or other articles that you have written and would like to have published on my site, then feel free to contact me.

The Tarantula's Burrow celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Many other arachnid related sites have come and gone during that time, but although I don't have as much time to spare as I once did, I do try and keep the site fresh and growing.

I have managed to get several of the searchable databases back up and working and fully populated with all currently known species of tarantulas and scorpions.

The latest change is the most major one, this being the move to a new hosting service and a new domain name, this being ''. The old ones; '' and '' still work, they are both re-directed to '', so most if not all links and Google results should still work.

By the way, I hope you have noticed, and like, the new look of the site?

Yes, there is now advertising on the site, but this is only there to cover my costs, there will not be any pop-up, pop-over or pop-under ads used. I'm restricting the advertising to just Amazon and Google.

Time allowing, I have lots of other plans for the site, mainly because I now have more hosting space than I have ever had before. So, stay tuned and visit often, there is lots more to come yet!

As always, any constructive feedback is most welcome.

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