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Care Sheet

Chilean Rose (Grammostola rosea)

Grammostola roseaPreviously known as both Grammostola spatulatus and Grammostola cala, and the debate still drags on whether these are both the same species, but just different color morphs.

The spider varies from light to dark brown/grey and even foxy/rusty red with pink hairs and a brown carapace that may also be frosted with pink. It lives in shallow burrows/scrapes in the wilds of it's native Chile.

My first tarantula, and to many the ideal starter tarantula, due to it's forgiving nature and easy temperament.

This is generally considered a docile species, certainly handling is possible, but still considered unwise due to their urticating hairs.

The requirements in captivity are:

As for keeping them as pets, many people keep these in large 12x12x12 (inches) tanks.

Like the other terrestrial (ground living) species they require reasonable humidity levels (above 70%).

As these are scrubland spiders, you must make provision for a retreat, such as a piece of cork bark or a flower-pot. Substrate for the cage should be of peat/vermiculite mix, should be at least 2 inches deep.

An open water dish is a must, humidity must not fall below 55 percent!

Food: All standard invertebrates

Type: Terrestrial (Scrubland)

Aggressiveness: Considered docile.

Venom Effect: Unknown, expected to be low-toxicity.

Geographic Range: Chile, Argentina, Bolivia

Requirements: 70-72 Farenheit

Humidity: 75%

Substrate: 2 inches

Shelter: Cork bark or flower-pot.

Water: Open water dish.

Longevity: Males once mature (2 Years) Females (upto 15 years).

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