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Care Sheet

Cobalt Blue Tarantula (Haplopelma lividum)

A native of the both Burma and Thailand, this spider was first described by Smith.

It lives in a labyrinth of extensive burrows in the tropical forests of those countries.

This species is most notable for its beautiful iridescent (electric) blue color of the legs. The carapace is usually a light brown with the abdomen a dark grey/brown, often with chevron-like stripes.

One keeper described this spider thus:

"One of the most aggressive, most beautiful, and high strung tarantula in the spider world. Females are a blue color and males are brown. Only recommended for advanced keepers".

This spider is usually described as "one of the most bad-tempered/aggressive spiders in the hobby, it is well known for its lightning speed."

My own specimen of this tarantula (Lightning) was very fast, not exactly aggressive, but I have more that a little respect for her. Not for the faint hearted as it can be a bit of an escapologist.

PLEASE NOTE: This spider should never be handled and certainly is not recommended for a newcomer to tarantulas. This one is for the experienced keeper only.

The requirements in captivity are:

As for keeping them as pets, many people keep these in large 12x12x12 (inches) tanks.

Like the other tropical species they require high humidity levels (above 80%).

As these spiders are keen burrowers, you must make sure a suitable material is used for the substrate. Substrate for the cage should be of peat/vermiculite mix, should be at least 3 inches deep.

An open water dish is a must, as is regular spraying of the tank with a plant mister. On no account should the humidity level fall below 70 percent!

Food: All standard invertebrates

Type: Terrestrial (Tropical)

Aggressiveness: Considered very bad tempered.

Venom Effect: Not yet known.

Geographic Range: Burma, Thailand

Humidity: 85%

Substrate: 3 inches (at least).

Shelter: Burrower, so makes it's own home!

Water: Open water dish.

Longevity: Unknown.

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