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The Cartoon Gallery

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"Oops, I'm stuck! How embarrassing!!"
"It started as a little experiment in data compression, and...well...just close the door and call the zoo!"
"Yeah, right, Dave! Like we're gonna scramble around and try to recapture 180,000 tarantulas! Forget about 'em! The insurance will cover it."
The Fishing Spider
The Pirate Spider
"Sophie, you read too many fashion magazines!"

"Don't exaggerate Jean. Just whack it with the newspaper"

' The pathetic spectacle of spiders who beg'
'Bogart's study of the spider...'
'Step on Me' Step on me! Step on me! Step on me! Get a shovel! Thank you.
'Don't be silly, luv... a little spider won't hurt you!'

'No, Ralph.... I'm pretty certain it isn't Harpactirella.'

'Cleverly disguised, Fred's leblondi almost makes it to freedom ...'
'It's scared stiff of flies, but it keeps the wife's mother away!'
'The diminutive martian invaders and their unfortunate spaceship design ...'

'That's the trouble with some of these rare orchids, you never know where they come from!'

'To the consternation of his good wife, Norman rejects convention and decides to spend the rest of his life as Avicularia avicularia ...'
'Well what d'you know! I'm a Scorpio too!'
'But I distinctly asked you to irder 250,000 four-inch nails!'
Thwak! Dennis, I'd like you to meet Darla.
My apologies sir. Sometimes the Chef forgets to remove the blindfold and final cigarette after he shoots it.
Mum are we venomous?
Why do you ask son?
Cos, I've just bit my tongue!!.
Incey plays havoc with ...
the Bermudan tourist industry.
Coming up for coffee?
Why not stay for breakfast!
Nature's so thoughtful!

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