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Just How Many Non-Venomous/Venomous Spiders Are There?

It 's an age old question and I'm sure you'd like an answer, well here goes:

No-one actually knows exactly how many species (different types) of spider there are in the world. 

For example it is known that there are many, many species of spider (and well as other flora and fauna) in rainforests around the world that have not been discovered and named by scientists. However at present there are about 34,000 recorded and named species of spiders in the world, it is believed that there maybe between 75,000 and 100,000 actual species of spiders, so only less than half of all the potential types have actually been identified.  

As for the number of non-venomous spiders, all spiders use venom to kill their food but, in most species this venom is only harmful to their food (insects and some mammals, birds and reptiles). 

Only about a dozen species of spider have venom that is actually harmful to humans, of those only one is a tarantula, all the others are generally small spiders such as the notorious Black Widow or the Brazilian Wandering Spider..

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